Distant Sales Agreement


Article 1 - Parties of the agreement

SELLER: “Şahinler Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş.” Address: Seyrantepe Mah. İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad. Civan Sok. No:3/1 Kağıthane/İstanbul Telefon: 0850 885 0 658 Email: RECEIVER: Customer

Article 2 - Subject of the agreement
Subject of the document thereof, is to determine the rights and responsibilities relating the goods and services promised to BUYER via SELLER’s website: , and the properties and the price of which are as specified on the agreement in electronic environment, as per requirements of consumers protection law #6502, article #29188 regarding the sale and protection of the goods/service. The BUYER confirms that he/she knows basic qualities, sales price, conditions of delivery etc.of the service’s/goods’subject to the agreement, and also that he/she knows any preliminary information, sales price, payment conditions and “right of withdrawal” and that he/she confirmed these in electronic environment and then placed the order as per the provisions of this agreement. Brief information and invoice seen on website and payment page are integral parts of this agreement.

Article 3 - Date of Agreement
The two copies thereof which were previously signed by the SELLER have been signed and accepted by the BUYER on .............., and the copies are sent to mail address of the BUYER.

Article 4 - Delivery of The Goods and Services, Place of Performance of the Agreement and Form of Delivery
The goods/service shall be delivered to BUYER’s address and to the receiver as the BUYER requested and the address is ................ the receiver is.................. .

Article 5 - Delivery Costs and Fulfillment
The BUYER shall pay delivery costs. If the SELLER claimed that the BUYERS who buy exceeding a certain amount will be paid of the relevant delivery cost; or that such delivery costs shall be covered within the sales campaign, then the shipment cost shall be paid by the SELLER. Delivery shall be performed as soon as possible; after the supply status is available and after the product price is transferred to the SELLER’s account. SELLER shall deliver the goods or services within 30 (thirty) days and within this duration of 30 (thirty) days, SELLER will have the right to extend the duration for an additional 10 days through written notice. If the payment for goods/services is not received for whatsoever reason or cancelled in bank records; the SELLER is exempt from the responsibility of delivering the goods&services.

Article 6 - Pricing for Payment on Delivery(paying at the door)
Payment on delivery is a service provided by the cargo company.  The company charges 5TL for the process. This service cost is to be paid to the cargo company and shall not be refunded if the product is returned. If you don’t want to pay any extra fee when you receive the product; you can make your payments by credit card by choosing the secure payment option therefore not paying any extra fees.

Article 7 - Declarations and Undertaking of the BUYER
Before receiving the product which is subject to the agreement thereof the BUYER shall examine the product for breakage, dents, torn packing etc.and if it is defective the BUYER won’t receive the product from cargo company. If the goods/services are received then they will be considered free of damage and in good condition. After delivery, the responsibility of carefully protecting the goods/services pertains to the BUYER. If the right of withdrawal will be utilized; goods/services should not be used. The invoice has to be returned. After the delivery of the goods/services, if the bank or financial institution involved does not pay the price to the SELLER and if this is not due to BUYER’s fault and it is due to unauthorized or illegal use of the card ;  the BUYER shall return the product which was delivered to the receiver company or person, back to the SELLER within 3 (three)days if the BUYER received the product then. In this case, costs of delivery is to be paid by BUYER.

Article 8 - Declarations and Undertakings of the BUYER
SELLER is liable to deliver the goods/services under the contract, and with compliance to the specifications listed in the order, complete and in good condition and along with user manuals and certificate of warranty if any. If the goods or services shall be delivered to a third party, the SELLER cannot be held liable if the third company/person does not accept the delivery. SELLER shall return the cost of the goods and services, and any relating legal instruments in 10 (ten) days. Goods/services shall be returned within 20 (twenty)days. Good cause appearing, before the fulfillment duration expires, the SELLER can provide the BUYER with (goods/services of) equal price and quality.  If the SELLER consider the procurement of the goods/service impossible; SELLER notifies the BUYER before the expiry of the fulfillment duration of the contract. The paid amount and the documents if there is any, shall be returned in 10 (on)days. Defective or faulty goods/services sold under a certificate of warranty, can be sent to the SELLER within warranty period for the performance of required repairwork, in this case the SELLER shall pay the delivery costs.

Article 9 - Specifications of the Goods and Services Under This Agreement
Type of the services/goods and its amount, brand/model, color, sales prices inclusive of all taxes, color are all as specified on the product information page on and on the invoice which is an integral part of this agreement.

Article 10 - Cash Price of The Goods/Services
Cash price of the goods/services is specified on the invoice sample which is posted after the order as well as the invoice which is sent to the customer along with the product.

Article 11 - Forward Price
Corresponding forward price of the goods/services is specified on the invoice sample which is posted after the order as well as the invoice which is sent to the customer along with the product.

Madde 12 - Interest
The rate determined by Republic of Turkey on an annual basis shall apply and in no case it can be higher than %30. BUYER is accountable to the bank involved in BUYER’s transaction.

Article 13 - Down Payment Amount
Down payment amount relating the goods/services is specified on the invoice sample which is posted after the order as well as the invoice which is sent to the customer along with the product.

Article 14 - Payment Plan
If the BUYER chose to pay by credit card and in installments; then the installment option the BUYER chose from the website applies. During the installment process; relevant terms of the contract signed between the card owner bank apply. Date of credit card payment is determined by the terms of the contract between the bank and the BUYER. BUYER can monitor the number of the installments and payment status by checking the bank statement which is sent by the bank.

Article 15 - Right of Withdrawal
The BUYER can utilize the right of withdrawal within 14(fourteen) days from the delivery of the product/service to himself/herself or the person/company. So as for the right of withdrawal to be available; SELLER’s customer services must be contacted within above specified time and the goods/services, as specified on the 15th Article; and as per the information published on which is an integral part of the agreement, the product has to be unused. If mentioned right is used, the invoice which was  given to the receiver or 3rd party; must be returned. Within 7 days following the use of right of withdrawal , goods/services’ price is returned to the BUYER and within 20 days, the goods/services are received back. If the original invoice is not returned then the BUYER shall not be returned VAT and other legal liabilities. SELLER pays for the delivery cost of the goods/services which are returned through right of withdrawal.

Madde 16 - Goods and Services for Which Right of Withdrawal Doesn’t Apply
The goods and services which cannot be returned due to their properties/nature, perishable goods/services, quickly expiring goods and services,single use goods/services, hygienic goods/services, evening dress and similar special event/ball clothing, any kind of software which can be copied; are not subject to use of right of withdrawal. Besides; for any sort of software, various media (dvd,cd,etc.) computer and stationery consumables(toner, cartridge, printer ribbon etc.) and cosmetics; right of withdrawal applies only when the goods/services still have flawless packing on them and are unused.

Article 17 - Event of Default and Legal Outcomes
If the BUYER goes into default due to the proceedings he/she has performed by credit card; BUYER will pay interest as per the credit card agreement BUYER signed with the bank, and BUYER will be liable to the bank. In this case relevant bank can submit the file for legal action, and demand the relevant costs and fees and attorney’s fee from the BUYER, BUYER accepts to compensate for any damage and loss that may arise due to delayed payment of the debt in any case.

Article 18 - Authorized Court
Authority with regard to any possible dispute that may arise regarding the agreement thereof is: arbitration committee for consumer problems for disputes involving amounts up to the amount specified by Ministry of Industry and Trade, Consumer Courts for higher sums; where these are not available the authority for disputes is Civil Court Of First Instance.

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