Terms of Use

Please read the terms of use section on our website carefully.

Terms of Web-Site Use
By visiting this website, you have accepted the terms under this document. Terms of website use as well can be changed at regular intervals therefore please check this page accordingly. Hence as you continue to use the website, you will have accepted the updated terms as well.

So as to offer precise and in-time information about our website, we show our best efforts. However this is not a guarantee that the information on the website is always up to date and that the website includes any information.

Safety Rules
This is a public web site. The services offered for individual members, are free of charge so long as otherwise is not specified at relevant section. Only in the following cases; web-site management can restrain the use of the website and reserves the rights against those who is/are involved in below attempts:

- Registering/placing/entering any false, incoherent, missing, misleading and immoral information onto the website,  - Recording/saving of the personal or general announcements, advertisements’ and sales requests,  - Changing or erasing of the information announced by third parties, - Interfering with the web-site content and other members’ data,  - Partial or complete use of the information from the web-site without prior permission, by whatsoever mean(s) and for whatsoever purpose(s),  - Sharing of the attributed user information with third parties-legal person and/or private person, such data may include password(s), member id/no, and similar,  - Attempting or performing actions which threaten web-site safety and proper operation, such as use of certain software which will hinder the operation of the website and accompanying software structures.

Copyright and Brand
Unless specified otherwise, any content in the website is protected in form of copyrights of third persons, brands, patents and / or other intellectual and commercial properties and in most extensive and non-classified way.

Personal Use
The content on the website can only be used for informative purposes. By using the website, you guarantee that you won’t publish, distribute, transfer, alter, exhibit, use and be inspired by the content for other works; without prior permission from web site manager.

You unconditionally accept that you will compensate for any loss and/or damage that may arise due to unauthorized use of the content on this website.

If the user utilizes the member account for other purposes than those specified on the website, if the user utilizes the member account in a way to cause damage for third person(s) and/or the website; website managers have the right to immediately cancel the membership and to apply to legal and/or administrative authorities against the user.

You can become a member to our website by filling in a membership form. It should be remembered that the website management has the right to not accept membership request and to exclude her from membership.

Notification and Presentations
You accept that you are solely responsible for the content you post and you will continue to be responsible, and you accept that you will not post any content/material which is illegal, insulting, harassing and/or explicit.

You accept that you won’t submit anything to this website which violates third persons’ rights including but not limited to copyrights, brand, personal or privacy or property rights.

For any material which you submit to our web-site; you give the relevant licence on a non-exclusive basis to us and you recognize our right to use, copy, multiply, transfer, alter, exhibit, apply, publish,translate, derive other works out of such content, distribute through presently known or unknown means and channels of distribution without the need for paying any royalties. Besides, you guarantee that you disclaim any moral rights attached thereto.

Also, you cannot use any material which violates other(s)’ rights i.e.privacy, copyrights,commercial brands, property rights or any other rights, including the materials which are adapted from such materials, without the owner’s or merited person or corporation’s prior permission, including but not limited to any information, software or any other material violating the rights of others.

Web-site management has the power and rights to remove any declarations, notifications or presentations without showing any reason, and to decide whether to publish or not to publish and performing supervision tasks over declarations, notifications and presentations.

Associated Websites
Website management has no responsibility about the content and web pages to which you can access through the links on our website.

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