Sales Agreement

When a user becomes a member, the user will be considered to have read and accepted the agreement.
Sales Agreement 
This is the contract between “Şahinler Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi” and Customer, for sales via virtual platform.
Article - 1 
Subject of the  contract thereof consists of the rights and liabilities of the parties in regard to the sales of the product whose specifications are given below, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Protection of The Consumer numbered 4077, terms relating the method and principles for application of the distance contracts. 
Article - 2   
SELLER’S INFORMATION Şahinler Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi Seyrantepe Mah. İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad.  Civan Sok. No:3/1  Kağıthane 34418 İstanbul / Turkey
Article - 3   
BUYER’S INFORMATION  All members: Any user who become a member of and did shopping at the “Şahinler Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi” e-commerce platform   “//”. (Hereinafter referred to as BUYER or customer).
Article - 4   
SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT AND PRODUCT INFORMATION:  Type, Amount, Brand/Model, Color, Number, Sales price and form of payment, are as specified on the website and these commitments can be altered without prior notice to the customer.

Article - 5
5.1 - BUYER, claims that he/she is informed of the basic properties of the product which is specified under Article 4, and that the BUYER has read and understood sales price and form of payment and terms of delivery, and that the BUYER has given required confirmation in electronic environment.    
5.2 - The product which is subject of the agreement thereof shall be delivered to the company or the person resident at the address specified by the BUYER, latest within the legal duration of delivery which is 30 days and depending on the distance to the receiver party and also regarding the duration specified in preliminary information. 
5.3 - If the product which is subject to the agreement thereof is to be delivered to another party, other than the BUYER; SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person or company to receive the delivery does not accept the parcel. 
5.4 " SELLER, is responsible for delivering the product under this agreement in full, undamaged, complete, in compliance with specified properties and with documents such as user manual and warranty certificate if there is any. 
5.5 - For the delivery of the product which is subject of the agreement thereof, it is a must that the agreement thereof must be accepted in electronic environment and the sales price must be paid via the form of payment preferred by the BUYER. If the product price is not paid or the payment is cancelled in the bank records the SELLER is considered to be free from the obligation to deliver the product. 
5.6 - After the delivery of the goods/services, if the bank or financial institution involved does not pay the price to the SELLER and if this is not due to BUYER’s fault and it is due to unauthorized or illegal use of the card ; the BUYER shall return the product which was delivered to the receiver company or person, back to the SELLER within 3 (three)days if the BUYER received the product then. In such cases, transportation costs are to be paid by the SELLER.   
5.7 - SELLER is responsible to notify the BUYER accordingly if the product under the agreement thereof cannot be delivered in corresponding time due to force majeure or adverse weather conditions, impossibility of transportation and similar extra ordinary situations. In this case;the BUYER shall have the right to choose one of these options: cancelling the order, changing the product with an equivalent product if there is any available, and/or postponing the delivery until the time obstacles against the delivery disappear. If the BUYER cancels the order; SELLER shall attempt for the refunding of the amount back to the BUYER’s account and cancellation of the credit card slip, within a duration of 7 days and the BUYER shall be informed via an email about the procedure performed. In this case; SELLER won’t assume any responsibility for the delays which may occur sourcing from the bank. 
5.8 - If the products delivered to BUYER and/or the person and/or company, to whom the delivery of the parcel is requested by BUYER, is defective or faulty, so as for the required repairs be performed within the scope of warranty terms; respective products shall be delivered to the SELLER within a duration of 7 days from the date of delivery of the product and accruing transportation/cargo fees shall be paid by the SELLER. In such cases; if the duration of 7 days is expired, the BUYER has to send/bring the delivered product to corresponding service.   
5.9- The agreement thereof shall become valid, after it is confirmed by the BUYER in electronic environment(after membership process) and after it reaches: Seyrantepe Mah. İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad. Civan Sok. No:3/1 Kağıthane 34418 İstanbul / Turkey.   
Article - 6 
RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL:  BUYER has the right of withdrawal within seven(7) days starting from the delivery of the product to the person/company resident at the address BUYER specified. so as for the right of withdrawal be available; within specified duration of time SELLER should notify via fax or email and the product should be unused as per the provisions of article 7 and the product packing should not have been damaged. To use this right, it is compulsory for previously given(to BUYER or a third party) invoice(original copy) to be returned along with the cargo delivery document’s sample copy which shows that the product (which was delivered to the receiver or third party) has been sent back to SELLER. SELLER shall attempt for the refunding of the amount back to the buyer’s account, within a duration of 7 days. SELLER won’t assume any responsibility for the delays which may occur sourcing from the bank in refunding process. If the original copy of the sales invoice is not sent; VAT and other legal liabilities/fees shall not be returned. When the product is returned via right of withdrawal; BUYER shall pay the accruing cargo fees. The goods and services which cannot be returned due to their properties/nature such as: perishable goods/services, quickly expiring goods and services,single use goods/services; are not subject to use of right of withdrawal. For any sort of software, various media (dvd,cd,etc.) computer and stationery consumables(toner, cartridge, printer ribbon etc.) and cosmetics; right of withdrawal applies only when the goods/services still have flawless packing on them and are unused.
Article - 7   
AUTHORIZED COURT:  In application of the agreement thereof, authorized body is consumer arbitration board  up to the amounts specified by the ministry of industry and commerce, or CONSUMER COURTS within residential area of BUYER or SELLER. If the order is confirmed in electronic environment, BUYER is considered to have accepted all terms of the contract thereof.

Return and Change Conditions

How to return a product? 
After you receive your product, if you want to return the product due to an issue with the product(damage, fault, defect etc.), within 14 days of duration from the delivery of the products you should notify us of your request with the email available on our communication page with a subject line "I want to return my products".

Upon receiving your request,  our customer representative shall contact you. As per your request, the proceedings shall be performed when you send the product to Şahinler Shop’s address without any damage to its original packing and including all the documents which you received along with the product.

There are some points you should be careful about when sending the products to us upon contacting customer service representatives. These are:

• Product(s) have to be sent to us with no damage to the original packing. The product itself should be free of any fault or defects which may occur in relevance with misuse. 
• You should definitely include the invoice. 
• If the invoice is issued for a corporation, you need to send along a return invoice issued by the company, without including the cargo margin, such as ‘Unit price of the product + VAT’. If the product to be returned is to be returned to a company; process cannot be performed without a return invoice issued. 
• Underwear and swimming suit (upper part) products can be returned or changed taking basis the invoice amount. 
• Due to hygiene reasons; lower-underwear, silicone brassiere and corsets cannot be replaced. 
• Customer is liable to return the product in the same conditions as it was given, and if the product is ever used; the commercial value loss of the product shall be paid by the customer.

After these procedures, upon reaching us, the product will be checked for whether it was used or not, whether there is deformation or not,  shall be determined by technical team and returning of the product will be approved accordingly. This procedure might take 2-5 workdays.

My request for returning the product has been accepted. What will happen now? 
When you perform the return procedure and send the product to us; relevant units will perform required controls over the product and it will be approved for return. This process will take 2-5 work days.

Average time before the refund is accomplished is 2-5 workdays and the amount of payment which you had made is refunded to your credit card. The payment refunds which we perform, shall appear on credit card account summaries in 1-3 work days depending on the bank. About this duration of time; Şahinler Tekstil has no effect, hence in case of extended durations of refund time please contact your bank.

Can I change products? 
Conditions for product change are the same as whose of cancellation. If the product meets the criteria its return is accepted and then as per your request we create a new order for your name.

Where should i send the products for returns? 
After contacting the customer representative and completing required procedures, you can send the products to be changed/returned to below addresses.

“Şahinler Çamaşırları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.” Seyrantepe Mah. İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad.  Civan Sok. No:3/1  Kağıthane 34418 İstanbul / Turkey 0 850 885 0 658

How can i send back the products for return/ change?  If the product has no defect or production related problem and you are sending it back for change/return or if you are returning/changing it due to its being incorrect product; you can send it on reverse-charge cargo after contacting customer services representative.

When shall i be refunded for the returned product? 
If the customer returns the goods or chooses to withdraw from the shopping, we perform the refund within ten (10) days starting from the time we receive the returned product.

Will cargo fee be refunded in case of a return/change? 
No, shipping/cargo fees cannot be refunded. However, we offer free shipping option for the purchases above 75TL.

For detailed information about returns, you can contact us via email to and call +90 850 885 0 658 or use the live support section on our web-site.

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