Pay for your order at the door

Pay for your order at the door.

By using this option; you can pay for your order to delivery person. You can pay by bank card, credit card(single pay-no installments) or cash. Remember!

An additional 6TL cargo fee is charged for your orders from our website, for the goods to be delivered to locations within Turkey, if the sum is below 75 TL. If you choose to pay at the door; an additional 5 TL will be added to invoice sum.

For instance:

You bought a product and its price is 13 TL and you want to pay at the door. As your order amount is below 75 TL you will be charged 6 TL for cargo, and you will be charged 5 TL as the service charge for paying at the door.

13 TL (Order Amount) + 6 TL (Cargo Fee) + 5 TL (Service charge for paying at the door) = 24 TL (Total Amount)

To confirm that you would like to pay at the door, our customer service agents shall contact you accordingly upon confirmation of your order and then your product shall be prepared for delivery.

For detailed information about paying at the door, you can contact us via email to and call +0850 885 0 658 or use the live support section on our web-site.

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